The Importance of Landscaping- Frequently Asked Questions

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The curb appeal of a home or business is important for fitting into the neighborhood. Many of the yards surrounding the location can give a good idea as to what types of landscaping should be done. A landscape contractor can also give some good ideas and showcase different plans depending on the area they have to work with. Once an area is landscaped, it needs to be maintained.

What does a landscaper do?

A landscaper plays the main role in the design of the yard. They will draw out the design to be created along with your input and their ideas. The team of landscape contractors will then make the design appear. Once the yard is landscaped, it needs to be maintained. This includes things such as raking leaves during the fall, shoveling snow during the winter, cutting back hedges or trees, cutting grass and edging during the summer and spring, and weed control year round. Landscapers may also aerate the lawn. This is done to alleviate soil compaction and allow more nutrients to reach the grass.

Why does a person need landscaping?

A person needs a landscaper to allow the yard to thrive and look beautiful. Landscaping gives the curb appeal to the home or business. It also gives people a sense of joy and comfort when seeing beautiful trees and flowers surrounding a home. Some people like to maintain the landscape themselves. The downside to this is the professionals give the yard treatment that it deserves while individuals may not be able to do this.

What should someone look for in a landscaper?

Landscapers should be local to the area. This may be someone who does several other yards in the neighborhood or someone who has a storefront or office down the street. They should also be licensed and bonded. This is for your protection and theirs. Another feature that people look for in landscapers is their activity in the community. Are they involved in Kiwanis or the Chamber of Commerce? Online ratings and reviews will also tell a lot about landscape contractors in the area.

Having a nicely landscaped, manicured lawn adds resale value to the property. This is important for the surrounding properties as well. Providing the joy that comes from the curb appeal of a nice lawn is worth the investment in having a professional landscaper.